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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Winter Is On Its Way

Girls checking out the coyotes

Girls checking out the coyotes

but it hasn't arrived yet in Santa Fe where we are currently enjoying daily highs in the low 60's with light breezes. This weather has given us some extra time to deep clean water buckets, take hoses in, put up a new high quail feeder, and whatever seems to need to be done.

All eight of our alpacas are eating more feed to grow their fleeces out faster. Cleo, our youngest, no longer looks like her lean self, but is rounding out. Wyatt,too, our second youngest. Two of our older girls are pregnant, due mid to end of the summer 2017. Both of these gals are a bit grumpy, normal pregnant behavior, so we have given them their own pasture, complete with a shed they can run into if the winds/snow bother them.

The boys are growing so we have enlarged their pasture a lot so they can run and kick up their heals. As soon as they see one of us they run as fast as they can back to their shed in case we are going to feed them. Since their shed is close to my studio I visit quite often with them.

In the studio I am working on special order projects as well as additions to the WideSkyRanch Etsy store. More handmade soaps have been ordered and fleece hand washed yesterday and now drying so soon we will have more hand felted soaps for the holidays. They can be seen on Etsy or on display in the studio. Finger crossed, in about two weeks I will have a new batch of 100% alpaca yarn for sale.

If you are planning a trip to Santa Fe, I hope you will call us to arrange a complementary ranch tour.
Soaps ready for labels

Soaps ready for labels

My most popular fingerless mitts

My most popular fingerless mitts