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Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Daily Ranch Chores

This morning started out pretty much like any other except the weather was warmer than usual plus the air was still, very unusual for Santa Fe. After feeding and the 3 boys in their pasture (plus cleaning up after them), I did the same for our 3 girls in the next pasture. Pretty uneventful for the most part.

Now the pregnant girls were another matter. Let me explain why they are not with the other girls, but away in their own area. Alpacas are a lot like us humans, including when pregnant. The old fashion way we figure they are pregnant is to get them together with a male, not necessarily the male they were mated with. Any male will do. Just as soon as that male gets close to them, they spit away, preferably right in his face. The sweetest girl becomes an amazon woman.

Well, my girls were primed for me. I feed them their pellets in individual bowls, with space between the bowls. Both love pellets. Lalique (brown) dove into the first bowl When I put the second bowl down for Theresa (white), Lalique dashed over for that bowl, because it just had to have more than her bow. Well, Theresa went crazy, spitting like mad at her. Then Lalique began spitting at her. I just backed away. Alpaca spit is particularly horrible after they eat. Finally they stopped spitting and just looked at me. Notice Theresa has her lips parted. That can only mean one thing - lots of green spit still in her mouth. I did take note of this.

Next I loaded the feeder they both feed at with hay and alfalfa. Lalique went right up and began eating with gusto. Pregnant girls are always hungry, just like when we were "in the family way". It was obvious that Theresa wanted nothing to do with her pasture mate so I put some feed on the ground for her. Everything seemed to be going well. I cut her a break and she appreciated it. NO. She looked up and aimed her spit right at my face. Been down this road before so I was maintaining a good distance from her and avoided having a green face. With that I swore at her and left their pasture!!!!

What a morning!