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Monday, January 4, 2021

Girls Have Returned!!!

Our little good luck charm

Our little good luck charm

Our farm had a virtual drought on female crias. We went 2 years and 15 births that were all males - not very good statistics when you are a breeding farm. And to add insult to injury, these boys had just the characteristics we were looking for in our next generation. But, alas, you can only keep just so many males.
This fall's cria season started out on the same track - 4 boys, 0 girls. Then we had a birth as a highlight for our Open House on Nov 28. It was a girl!! The visitors we so excited to see a newborn. I was ecstatic to see a girl. The only problem was she was not ours. We had sold a very pregnant mom and the new owner wanted her to give birth here.
All was not lost, as this little cria turned our statistics for this fall's cria crop completely around. Since little Lottie Dottie's birth, we have had 4 more cria born. And all have been girls!! Lottie Dottie's registered name will be "Lots of Luck" and she indeed has already lived up to that name.