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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Even you can own the rare suri alpaca

Owning suri alpacas is not as much of a problem as many think. Suri alpacas are much the same as huacaya alpacas except the processing of the fiber. Before own any alpacas, you should do a lot of research and visit as many alpaca farms as possible.

All alpacas need food, water and shelter. Before you purchase alpacas, you need to ask yourself, "how am I going to get water to the alpacas in summer and winter?", "Do I have good enough pastures to feed alpacas year round or do I need to buy hay and if so where?", "What kind of shelter can I afford to build for the alpacas now and in the future?". Other things to think about before actually getting alpacas are: what are you going to do with the alpaca poop?; what do I do with the fiber I get from the alpacas? and how many alpacas can I safely have on the property?. Most people who get into alpacas cannot resist getting more and you will get many "offers too go to pass up".

Many people think that alpacas are delicate and are hard to keep well. Our experience is our alpacas have had very little medical problems and little necessary vet visits. We have lost a couple baby alpacas but we feel that most of the problems was the humans involved not the alpacas. Baby alpacas can require a lot of attention is their moms do not produce enough good milk. Most of our babies were up and running very soon after birth and grew like weeds into fine adults without much intervention. Stress causes the most problems with alpacas as it gets the system out of whack which allows for bad stuff to take over. We like to allow our alpacas as much pasture time as we can since they are grazers. Even if there is not much grass to eat, getting out moving around helps them keep physically fit as well as helps the digestive system.