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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Elodora's Troubador by Rockstar is Tired of Winter & Ready for Spring

The weather seems to have broken here in the Gallatin valley, signaling to all of us at Spanish Peaks Alpacas and Shearing that spring is well on its way here, or at least we hope it is!
Spring brings to the farm a myriad of exciting things. The alpacas are more active roaming out into the pastures more but before the spring growth comes they have to be kept away from the tender, delicate buds of grass. Then they are again confined to their barn areas. The locks of the Suri alpacas are ge read more...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Shearing time!

after my 1st shorn alpaca during the seminar in Oregon

after my 1st shorn alpaca during the seminar in Oregon

Shearing adventure for many of you is already gone but for the Rocky Mountain region and for us at Spanish Peaks Alpacas it has just begun!

I attended Premium Harvest's Shearing seminar in Oregon last weekend and for 3 days I learned about anything and everything possible to make shearing time a fun time. Franc is awesome and he can explain so much and our seminar group got a good amount of guidance how to shear, remove and preserve the best fleece without 2nd cuts and how to skirt an read more...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dance With Your Alpacas

I was a dancer and I was a Cranio Sacral Therapist which is one of the most gentle, deep going non-manipulative therapies there is. So catching your alpacas, chasing them, dragging them did not work for me. I am using the Marty McGee Bennett's Camelidynamics method to handle my animas.

Come and learn with me in future workshops.

2 days with 2-5 people

Cost: 400.00 per workshop (plus travel costs if not at my ranch)

Get a group together and come dance

Monday, June 25, 2012

Always something exiting happening

Today I went out to the boy's pasture to clean up pacapoo. There was our Chuck Norris with his head in the fence eating the greener grass on the other side towards the road. As I realized that he wasn't too happy anymore I tried to get him back to where he should be but without luck. I was pulling and bending the square of the fence but he was really stuck. And then something really bad happened. He got so scared that he started to scream which attracked Leo our dog. He came running from the por read more...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We did it!

with a horse trailer driving east!

with a horse trailer driving east!

Just a short note: Our herd grew more than half last weekend. We added 16 more Suri Alpacas to our 13.
It was a quick trip to Minnesota, loaded up the trailer and went back home.
I will explain soon why we did this and what the circumstances are.
We can proudly say now that we have the biggest gray Suri Alpaca herd in Montana and with the best pedigree for sale. All the animals are gorgeous, sweet - and are getting ready for shearing time!
Shearing days are June 5 and June
come on boys, into the trailer

come on boys, into the trailer

everybody in?

everybody in?

the new croud meeting the

the new croud meeting the "old"

girls were dancing with each other

girls were dancing with each other

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our sick Alpaca on her way to recovery? - Hopefully!

One half tube of Succeed twice a day

One half tube of Succeed twice a day

It was the time to put Akianna on the scale again... my eyes glued to the digital numbers hoping that the last digits won't be under 30. She was weighing about 131 pounds before and if she would loose more she would be really going downhill. But no! The numbers on the display showed more than 135 lbs! What a relief. She gained 4 pounds at least. I am feeding her "Succeed" for horses twice a day a half a tube and her cria Apache hasn't found a way to her still very full utter. As long as she is p read more...


Friday, March 23, 2012

What could be wrong with our Alpaca?

Akianna, healthy and strong

Akianna, healthy and strong

Akianna, our black gorgeous Suri Alpaca had her cria September 25, 2011, a medium rose gray apalooza boy. We named him Apache because of the "sweater" he is wearing! She was a healthy mother but not too much into caring for her cria compared to the other dam Twilight who had her cria on the same day.
About by the end of November we realized, that she was not as perky as the other female alpacas. She moved slower, it took her longer to get on to her 4 legs and she didn't seem to be too enth read more...
Akianna and her cria Apache

Akianna and her cria Apache