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Gold Medallion Ranch Suri Alpacas

Suri Alpaca...The Natural Choice

Renee' & Steve Tripp
350 E 500 NValparaiso, IN 46383

Our Story and Core Values

Gold Medallion Ranch Suri Alpacas was established in December, 2003. We purchased our home with 10 acres in 2002 and were eager to use our land for a good purpose. Our 3 sons were young and we wanted themB to grow up with fresh air and sunshine and to have an ability to "connect to the land". We explored our options with sheep, goats, cattle and alpacas. We were not familiar with alpacas but after some reading and study determined that they would be ideal. Why you may ask? Here are our reasons:

1. Alpacas are not large animals. Average weight is 150 pounds.

2. Alpacas are easily contained, meaning they do not normally challenge fences, or jump them. In fact, if they get outside the pasture, because one of us accidentally left a gate open (Steve), they do not run and truthfully want to go back inside the pen with their herdmates.

3. Alpacas are intelligent, curious and trainable. Our sons were active in 4H and showed our alpacas in halter classes and obstacle competitions. Alpacas have heart and want to do a good job for their handler. We were also a host farm for our local 4H program providing many children an opportunity to train and bond with these spectacular animals.

4. Alpacas produce a valuable renewable and "green" resource; their fleece that is harvested 1 time per year in May. We sell our raw fleece worldwide and it is in great demand.

Our mission at Gold Medallion Ranch is simple.

1. Provide outstanding care for our herd. Happy alpacas make great fleece!
2. Make quality breeding decisions to improve our herd value.
3. To provide healthy and happy alpacas for sale.
4. Provide quality fiber arts products made from our alpacas to our customers.
5. To serve and to help you succeed.

Renee' and Steve Tripp