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The Angel and The Albatross Alpaca Farm


Ken & Jane Ferris and Nick
447 Township Road 462Sullivan, OH 44880
440-554-4672 ( Jane )
440-315-8003 ( Ken )

- We are down-sizing. WHY? Its all in the family, to many of our Alpacas are related. Take a look at our herd with a personal visit, we will be more than fair with $$$. Don't delay call!

JANUARY 2019 - WE HAVE SOLD ALL OUR MAREMMA. IF WE HAVE INQUIRES REGARDING PUPPIES WE MAY PLAN A LITTER. Please only serious inquires, those that are going to give a lifetime home to these remarkable dogs. You will be interviewed and your farm MAY be visited. Our dogs give the best, therefore they deserve the best!

May 17th 2013,we moved to our new farm. Numerous improvements with our breeding programs have been made! Yes programs, we have introduced Maremma Sheepdogs to our farm. We have sold numerous of these Large Guard Dogs. After all we/you need to protect our/your prized Alpacas, and other critters as well as your family. Yes, I will gladly give references, our Clients love to brag about their/ our dog/s!

Our Alpaca breeding has improved, we have carefully selected mates for our girls. After all we have to live up to our motto: Soaring above to Raise and Breed the best. Yes it is true, we do not breed our girls every year. Health is foremost ALWAYS! We gave them breaks when we moved, were over-seas, and various other reasons.

We pride ourselves with being a customer friendly farm. We want to share with those new and established farms our Pride and Joys! I could write for-ever, however a hand's on with our animals with a visit to the farm, is how we would like to establish a lasting friendship!

We provide: Breeding's, boarding short and long term, mentoring ( if we don't know, we will find the answer for you) farm and Cria watch, transport, assistance with herd health days. FARM DAYS and groups tour days are always a favorite day here.

Our farms has all the human and animal comfort features. We have been complimented by those that has visited, Your farms is so clean, your animals all seem so contend, this is such great therapy!

Come for a visit!

Farm Terms & Financing

Purchases can be financed. Boarding can also be provided.



Morning Glory ( Ind.) Ralpheal
Grazing Meadows- Angelo
Glengary - Giovonni
Blue Spruce - Gio and ( Millie-passed over)
Jill Martin - Lilly
Indian Summer - Clair and Wynn
Circle W - Obadhiah
Magic Mountain Menageric - Gabriella
Burlington Ridge Farm - Maximo
Pine Valley Farm - Valentino
Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas - Toby and Charlie
Three Points Fiber Mill and Alpaca Farm - Belle
Hickory Meadow - Kodiak and Cora

THE BEAUTY OF THE PRICE IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!! We will accept offers that compliment us, our Alpacas and YOU!