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Welcome to Close-Knit Alpacas, Earth Friendly Farm & Fiber. NEW ALPACAS ARE ENTERING THE MEADOW ALL THE TIME, from farms in various states across the U.S....both suris and huacayas.

UNIQUE, PRIVATE ONLINE ALPACA PURCHASING ENVIRONMENT "OPEN" TO KEY-HOLDERS....The Secret Meadow of Close-Knit Alpacas is a whole new opportunity for serious, "Qualified Buyers" to obtain Herd Disperals and/or combinations of Herds at "invitation only" prices...You don't have to be an established farm to be Qualified, so no worries there...We just need to know who you are, that you're serious about alpacas and have the appropriate housing and such for them. Sellers participating in this program are willing to go the extra mile and offer their animals at unspeakable, super prices, to buyers that will care for the alpacas, appreciate their incredible fiber, and not slaughter them. They are not interested in selling to "the highest bidder" and people they know nothing about. This is why The Secret Meadow was created and opened up in September of 2011.

Join the C-K Mailing List if you would like to be sure to receive the latest word on this special program OR to learn more right away, visit www.The-Secret-Meadow.com. The gateway page explains the program and offers the links you'll need to take the next step!

If you are an alpaca owner/seller ready now, or very soon, to re-home your entire herd, and provided it's not so much about the amount of money you receive as it is knowing the animals will go to good and qualified buyers, contact me, Wren, ASAP to learn how your herd can be represented and a part of this very special opportunity.

You'll find alpacas here from "Close-Knit" farms across the country. Prices for the alpacas on the Close-Knit sales lists are in line with current industry averages and cover a wide range; however, due to the present economic climate, all prices are posted only in The Secret Meadow and available for people willing to fill out the Buyer Qualification Form and receive a personal set of "Keys." This is a great arrangement for all because buyers that are qualified don't have to participate in auctions where anyone and everyone can compete with them or outbid them...buyers can simply click a PayPal button inside The Secret Meadow to instantly secure the alpaca of their choice, with their funds being held in escrow pending the successful pre-purchase vetting exam. Nowhere else can you purchase alpacas in this way.

Farm Terms & Financing

Generally a deposit of between 33% and 50% is required, with terms going between 6 months and 4 to 5 years depending on the seller and situation. Sometimes there is zero interest charged, but usually there is a nominal "Prime + 1%" interest on financed amounts.

Love Living...Get Close-Knit!

Close-Knit Alpacas presents the ORIGINAL Make an Offer Monday! each and every Monday for your convenience. Check out the sales list of alpacas from several quality breeding programs across the nation. Close-Knit Alpacas is "Your Multi-Farm Package Specialist!"

Check out the Close-Knit Alpacas ARTICLES on this website for interesting information about Alpacas and how you can best obtain them!