— The Openherd Team

Oz Alpacas

Built with LOVE!!

Laurie Olson-Zorn
2450 RD 207Big Springs, NE 69122

We, at OZ Alpacas, are located in the panhandle of Nebraska. We are situated in the middle of wheat, corn, and sunflower fields. We are also surrounded by cattle ranches. Boy, do we get funny looks when we say "We raise Alpacas." But I fell in love with these darling curious critters after being around them for a very short time. There is nothing like walking into their pen and having them all run to you as if you are the best thing that has happened to them all day.

We raise both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas because they each have their very own unique qualities, and we just can't decide which one we like better.

We have invested in the best seed stock that we could afford. We have some amazing bloodlines, and are in the process of reducing our herd. We are getting into the semi-retired frame of mind.

I am also offering 11 alpacas, Huacaya and Suri, male and female, for a friend of mine who has been dealt some harsh blows and desperately needs to reduce her herd. These animals came from my herd initially so I know their histories and genetics.

Farm Terms & Financing

We will finance at 20% down and monthly payments can be negotiable.


We have drastically reduced our asking prices on our Alpacas for sale! These prices do not do not reflect the quality of our animals.
We are also selling Alpacas for a friend that cannot afford them anymore, would appreciate any interest and/or offers!!
Thank you!!