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Acappella Junction Suri Alpacas

Very exceptional; virtually unknown. Visit to see

Anita and Richard (Deane) Marlin
502 Ostwalt Amity RoadTroutman, NC 28166
919-244-9208, 704-508-7359 (leave message)
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3 Electrofyre sons on farm. Solar Flare has offspring on ground now- exceptional.

Acappella Junction Suri Alpacas is trying to catch up on our neglected website and reduce our herd to 15. It is tough to make these decisions but it’s a work in process. Our lines are exceptional. Our improvements are exceptional. A recent buyer who moved to our area said no one where she moved from had Suris as nice. We invite visitors. Because I showed Persian cats for years and know how rare the Breeder is who puts honesty about problems in a line above making money, I am dedicated to complete honesty about my alpacas and promise to help new farms or previous clients as much as I possibly can to promote Suris in particular and alpacas in general.

Farm Terms & Financing

We will finance for one year with no interest. Anything over 1 year will be prime plus 1% as of the contract date

Suris of significance on a small farm!

Because we are unable to get to shows due to back and driving issues, we had the Suri Network SHIP evaluation by Cheryl Gehly in the spring of 2016. Our shearer in 2017, who raises alpacas, works in the ring with judges and visits over 100 farms a year has sheared for us every year for 11 years said the 2016 “kids” were the best ever and we were doing something right to continue to improve in the way we have. Our 2017 “kids” were even better. And our 2018 crias were equally as nice. If you have written me since 9/18, I am remiss in keeping up due to my health and grief over the death of my son. It is nearly a year later and a buyer’s persistence in contacting us reminds me it is time to catch up. I am trying to update the website. We are in transition with many promised alpacas and trying to decide who to keep, whether to bred. Our 2018 fall crias are soon to be a year old and many are spoken for. One has left. Updates are on the way and please call one of cell numbers if you have an inquiry.