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Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch

Outstanding Genetics. Data-Driven Breeding Decisions. Stellar Results.

Britt and Patty Hasselbring
29049 Davis RoadConcordia, MO 64020
Tikanui's Zen of Harmony
Argento's Moonlight of Harmony

Welcome! We are Britt and Patty Hasselbring, and we own and operate Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch. We specialize in the rare and elegant Suri alpaca: exquisite whites, beautiful blacks, grays, and other rich colors. We're located about 45 minutes east of the Kansas City metropolitan area and just north of Interstate 70. On any given day our farm is home to around 140 alpaca and three awesome Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs.

We spend time with our alpacas every day, observing and interacting with them. The trust established between the two-legged and four-legged creatures on our farm is extremely important and their safety and health is paramount.

Alpaca born on our farm are tested for BVDV, microchipped, and registered with the Alpaca Owners Association. We have many excellent breeding males and females for sale, and a supply of wonderful pet and fiber quality alpacas for those that may not be interested in breeding at this time.

While we love to show our animals and are proud of how they do in competitions, we also believe that the use of hard data in our breeding program results in superior results. We use information from histograms, skin biopsies, and the Alpaca Owners Association's EPD (Expected Progeny Differences) program to help us make decisions about breeding.

In 2014 and again in 2017, we participated in the Suri Herd Improvement Program (SHIP). Every animal in our herd was judged objectively by a certified classifier on various traits in accordance with the Suri Breed Standard. This experience adds depth to our knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of each of our alpacas. This is extremely valuable in making decisions about breeding, and is information that we share with prospective buyers.

We plan breedings carefully every year, using data from histograms, EPDs, and information from the SHIP program.

In addition to breeding and selling seed stock, helping new farms get started and providing ongoing mentoring, we also provide an array of other services. These include farm tours, Alpacas 101 classes, one on one mentoring for alpaca owners , and participation in special events such as weddings and birthday parties. Education for new and prospective owners is conducted both on the farm and online.

Our mission is straightforward: to breed the highest quality Suri alpaca, raising the level of excellence with each new generation.

Our business philosophy is simple: We believe in the ethic of reciprocity, the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Our goal is to continue the alpaca owners and breeders tradition of always being willing to share and support others’ efforts, whatever those goals may be: fiber, breeding, or simply enhanced lifestyle.

We'd love to talk with you about alpaca ownership. Call us at 816-769-3939 or email ranch@hasselbringsharmonyranch.

Farm Terms & Financing

We will work with buyers to develop an individualized financing plan.

Genetics + Data = Stellar Results!

Welcome to our farm! Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch is home to Tikanui, the Futurity Herdsire of the Year, sire of multiple champions, and many Get of Sire awards. Tikanui is joined in our stud barn by Tikanui's Zen of Harmony, Dark Arrow of Harmony, Dallas of Prairie Lake, Pines Edge Andretti, BBFAI Torpedo, Astor of Harmony, Pucara Surreal Wirrpunda, Eagle Valley Peruvian Spirit Dancer (co-owned with Suri & Co), TSSS Ice Man (co-owned with Pucara International), and Sundance Kidd of City Girl (owned by City Girl Alpacas).

If you are interested in exquisite white alpacas, we have them here. If you are interested in true black alpacas, we have them here! And if you are interested in grey, of course we have them here! Excellent genetics, beautiful color, and on top of it all...friendly!

Take a look around, and let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to talk to you about adding one or two animals to your herd, or helping you get started with a small herd of your own.