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Prairie Moon Alpacas

It's All About The Fiber

Anne & Richard Phillips
9317 Buckhorn RoadMasonville, CO 80538

We have carefully bred our females for low micron and dense fleece qualities, fineness into maturity, strong square conformation for easier breeding and birthing frames, and temperament. Our females have exceptional Mothering skills that have resulted in minimal intervention by humans in birthing or supplemental cria feeding. We selected two exceptional herdsires with proven track records to improve our breeding program and take it to the next level. Each herdsire is very different in fleece characteristics and comes from a very different genetic background. In the show ring, the judges generally have commented on the quality of our breeding program for consistent fleece characteristics for crimp and fineness and sturdy square framed conformation backed with fiber in our animals. Consistency in both fleece and conformation is extremely important because it speaks to the overall quality of multiple animals bred and raised on a farm rather than just a single animal that does well in the show ring. Purchasing animals from a strong good quality breeding program tends to ensure more reliable future generations of offspring from your purchase.

A few thoughts to leave you with - there are many ways to live with Alpaca and enjoy these magical animals. They make good companions, yard art, pets, stud farm, fiber production animals, and the most complex and highest risk – a breeding operation. Each has its own merits depending on your goals and each is a viable Alpaca experience. We can help advise you on animal purchases, breeding selections, boarding, handling, and support.

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Legend and Zeppelin Daughters For Sale

El Nino's Golden Legend

Are you ready to add El Nino's Golden Legend's exceptional genetics to your breeding program? We are offering for sale Legend daughters that are ready to breed by your male in spring of 2018 in colors ranging from white to dark brown.

Legend produces winning offspring in colors that tend to follow the dam's genetics for color. Legend passes on his fleece traits and perfect conformation to his offspring and is the foundation for a superior breeding program.

BMF Taos' Zeppelin

Zeppelin produces winning offspring with his exceptionally fine consistent high frequency crimp fleece and can bring his powerhouse genetics to your breeding program. We are offering for sale dark and lavender fawn Zeppelin daughters that are ready to breed by your male in spring of 2018 in colors ranging from light fawn to true black.