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Breeding Simple Elegance

Chris and Jody
184 Co. Rt. 41 A
Pulaski, NY 13142

Living our Dream

A family affair
Peaceful Pastures
Shearing seminar by Chris

Living our Dream...... Our success has been steady, our growth manageable, and our focus STRONG. We move forward in this industry providing education, service, integrity, and passion.

While pursuing various income opportunities we came upon the alpaca lifestyle. It was a perfect fit! We have been able to combine our passion of the outdoors and country living into a lifestyle that creates income as well as takes advantage of the skills we use as educators.

Salmon River Alpacas was established in 2003 and has successfully operated as a small farm with quality alpacas. Our objective is to produce alpacas of distinction, provide quality services, and support others as they grow in the alpaca industry.

Salmon River Alpacas is located at the east end of beautiful Lake Ontario. The Pulaski area is nationally known for the Salmon River world class fishing, as well as some of the best cross country skiing and snowmobiling in central NY.

This unique area makes Salmon River Alpacas stand out, bringing simple elegance back home again.

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