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Landmark Farm Alpacas

Ralph & Rachelle Bridges
1118 Landmark Church RdGrassy Creek, NC 28631

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Selfies with visitors!
Holly guarding her herd

Because both farm owners are at "high risk" for COVID-19, the farm has been closed indefinitely to visitors.

Our first alpaca was purchased in 2008 and kept boarded while we began building our farm from scratch on a mountain parcel while we still lived near Tallahassee, FL.

Over the next three years, we built our farm in a park-like setting and made the move to small-town mountain living with our first 5 alpacas in Nov. 2010! We grew our herd of breeding-quality stock and fiber geldings for the first nine years. When the economy almost tanked our farm in 2018-2019, we had to re-write our business plan. Today, we no longer breed, but maintain our herd for fiber only, and continue to sell alpaca products from our farm store and host farm visits. Our first priority will always be the health of our small herd.

Our careful planning and experiences building our farm have been helpful to others who are now alpaca owners. We have been blessed to have some of the most well-respected mentors in the industry. We continue to guide new alpaca owners through important considerations.

Our focus for farm visitors is an introduction to these gentle animals that produce a luxury fiber used in both the cottage artisan industry and high-end couture. Visitors will find a very clean farm in an exquisite mountain setting, with a friendly low-key atmosphere. Instead of group tours, we offer individualized farm visits. Visitors determine the pace and focus, whether it is taking photos, shopping for yarn and alpaca products, giving a special needs child extra time to process the experience, or just a fun outing for the entire family!

In recent years we have been called upon to be a resource for alpaca rescues. We love that alpacas are getting so much attention, but the flip side is a lot of misinformation and viral videos shared on social media that unintentionally bring an early demise to some of these precious creatures. Many people who have acquired them, especially just one, do not realize that alpacas are a species of camel with very specific needs. Alpacas ARE adorable, but many of their "cute and entertaining" behaviors are often mistaken for affection and friendliness. Veterinarians who specialize in alpacas warn if they imprint on humans without appropriate boundaries, they can develop a dangerous behavior disorder that can lead to aggression. A big part of what we do is education, so that the public understands that alpacas are not pets. They are livestock that require the social order of a herd of the same sex to develop normally and stay healthy. Alpacas inherently do NOT like to be petted. A tiny percent of them can make good therapy and PR animals, but these are exceptions. All of our alpacas have been trained to tolerate handling for ease of care, and they are naturally curious and have individual personalities. Visitors will get to meet our most engaging alpacas that can be petted, fed treats, and will pose for selfies!

We always welcome phone calls and emails regarding questions about alpacas!


NOTICE!!! The farm is still indefinitely closed to the public for tours because both farm owners are at "extremely high risk" for contracting COVID. If you are wanting to purchase something from out shop, please call 336-384-1616 for an appointment. PROPERLY-FITTED face mask must be worn, hand sanitizer at door and social distancing required. No more than two in shop at one time. We are low on some items and are unlikely to be able to re-stock any time soon. 2020 calendars are in and are $18

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