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Shadow Ranch Alpacas

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Robert D. and Wendy Wood
P. O. Box 413Albion, WA 99102
509 332-1322
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We will soon begin year seven of our alpaca farming adventure. The herd population is thirteen, five males and eight females. They range in age from ten years old down to ten months old. We are a small operation, and we are working toward becoming even smaller. Our breeding program has not been developed, although we own quality alpacas with excellent blood lines and the potential to improve each generation. We have found, over the years, that our interests and ambitions are not toward expanding this herd and the farm land it would take to raise them here. Clearing pastures and building fences, tending livestock and even showing and marketing is best left to younger, stronger, more ambitious men and women. We love our comforts and the more relaxed approach to being senior citizens who have retired from the work force. We love the peace and beauty of our little farm home. And we love the sweet gentle alpacas who provide us with their fleece. We often see or read about new fiber projects, new skills to learn, new tools to buy and master. Processing fiber, cleaning and preparing it for spinning, felting, knitting and weaving is a fulfilling enough job. Learning and practicing these fiber processing skills fascinates and keeps us as busy as we want to be. Our sheds and little barn are sufficient housing for a few of our fleecy friends to keep us supplied with fiber for years to come. The fenced areas we now have would supply green pasture for a smaller herd. Our present herd of thirteen alpacas is keeping it chewed down to ever increasing areas of mud and dust bowls. The deer and other wildlife that roam the hillside beyond those pastures provide us with as much pleasure in watching them as the alpacas do as we mingle with them nearby. Building more fences and having more alpacas take over that hillside is not a goal we are likely to pursue.
For those of you who are interested, please take a look at the alpacas we have listed for sale. We have males that would be excellent guard animals on your homestead, and provide you with the most comfortable, wearable wool at the same time. We have females who are excellent proven mothers, and some younger girls that would be great additions to any breeding program as well as being great fleece producers. We are offering discounts for two and three alpaca packages. Our herd has divided itself naturally into various “friend groups” and it would be a joy to see some of these “groups” go together to new homes. For first time buyers, this is an important aspect, since the herd instinct is a very strong alpaca trait. They simply do not do well without alpaca companions. Should you choose to begin your own alpaca adventure with a purchase from our little herd, we are more than happy to share all that we have learned and answer any questions you have. Call, text, or email to make arrangements to come visit.

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