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Havenfield Farm


Kimbery Kline
6451 Daniel Boone RoadBirdsboro, PA 19508
610-761-7067 (Kim's Cell)
Fax: 610-689-0065
House and Male Stud Pasture
Far Girl's Field in Autumn

Welcome to Havenfield Farm Alpacas. We would love to have you come by for a personal visit. After two years of hard searching, I purchased our 57 acre farm in May, 2000. The farm had been let go and the fields were completely fallow. All the improvements haven been done on our own, and we love the country lifestyle. I have a strong passion for animals and have been involved with cats, dogs, and horses for a long time. I have over 30 years experience with horses as livestock. Researching for a profitable farming business, I discovered alpacas. Several months later, the first purchase was made. I have fallen in love with these magical creatures!
Havenfield's breeding program is dedicated toward creating the best total package possible. I strongly believe in the North American Alpaca. By combining the genetic strengths of animals from Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, I believe we can have the best of all worlds. I urge you to look at the complete picture of the animal. An animal's country of origin does not make that alpaca superior or inferior to another. Study the animal's fleece, conformation, coverage and disposition. My theories have proven true for Havenfield, and have been rewarded by our great success in the show ring. I took eight animals and several fleeces to the National Show the first year and came home with eleven ribbons--including 3 first Places! Havenfield's second year was even more astounding when we continued our success and two of our males took first place and won their National Championships! We offer diversified bloodlines and have combined many of the top genetics in the country to produce the best total quality animals we can. We have worked very hard to make our alpacas happy and content in their environment.

We interact with our alpacas on a daily basis. None of Havenfield's animals are identified with ear tags or neck collars. We know each alpaca's name, personality, habits and temperament. By knowing each individual so well, we have been able to identify problems very early on, and avoid what could be a dangerous health situation for the animal. The cria are handled often and begin halter training at a few weeks of age. We enjoy training each animal and have turned some unmanageable imports into pleasant, easily worked with, well-adjusted animals. By creating a happy, healthy, low stress environment for our alpacas, we see them responding to our interactions in a more positive way. We encourage people to take disposition and temperament seriously when choosing and breeding their alpacas. We will work closely with our clients, and share whatever knowledge we can, to help make you successful. Whether you are looking to just start your alpaca business, or looking to add to your existing herd, we can help. For it is in your success that we will feel we have succeeded. By doing this, we are also comfortable that these wonderful animals will get the care, love and attention that they so much deserve.

Farm Terms & Financing

We offer multiple financing plans and try to adapt our contracts to fit the purchaser's needs. Typically we would like to have an initial 25% deposit on each animal. We remain flexible and want you to make terms that work for you. We will even consider financing breedings.

Welcome to our farm!

Currently offering $500.00 discount on drive-by/mobile breedings to ease the economic stress. Additional discount for Blue Ribbon or Champion Females from Level 4 or Level 5 Shows. Multiple discounts available for cash purchases or multiple breedings purchased. Mobile and drive-by breedings available within reasonable distance. Financing available animal purchases or on multiple breeding purchases.