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Kozy K Alpacas

Karen & Stan Koziol
24817 County Road 47.5
Boncarbo, CO 81024

We hope that you find the information provided on our web site informative and enjoyable. Our intent is to provide a very diversified experience for our viewers.

Since we are a newcomer to the business our herd is presently small. We will be increasing our herd gradually with quality for Alpacas foremost. We will be breeding for the highest quality fleece possible. However, foremost in our plans are to have Healthy and Happy Alpacas.

We will be adding more color to our alpaca herd in the near future. Please chcek out our auctions.

NOTE: We are open to reasonable offers on alpacas that are for sale.
If you are just starting out and have questions about raising alpacas, please contact us with your questions or you can visit our website as there is an abundance of information there.


We have sold our present herd and will be acquiring more in the near future. Please check back often.

We can make you a package deal on any of our Alpacas that are for sale.

Please feel free to make an offer on any of our Alpacas that are for sale.

If you live out of state, we will have our vet certify the alpaca(s) health for travel across state lines.