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Forget the Paint Alpacas

Form, Function, and Art Imitating Life

Paityn Eidt
PO BOX 8014 Edson, CAN-AB T7E 1W2

Erasmus (Bocelli Son)

Northern Mystery's Vesta (Bocelli Daughter 2019)
Bocelli Daughters
FTP Ekkeko (Bocelli x Zoya)
Prudence & Baxter, 2016
2013 Supreme Champion

Sometimes Art Can be Functional Too

Welcome to Forget the Paint Alpacas. This is a small breeding program located in the Edson area focused on producing animals that are intended to be excellent "all-rounder's". My hope is to produce alpacas who are above all sound in conformation, enjoy consistent, high quality fleece traits, who sport great temperaments. I use evidence based practices to inform my breeding decisions, and find great pleasure in identifying the best niche each individual animal may fill as I work towards our goal of producing a well rounded herd of animals that could meet any future programs needs.

Presently, we compete in Fleece and Halter shows across Western Canada, with much of the herd having been proven in the ring. Outside of the ring, I provide PR work, educational events, and am presently training several herd members to qualify for certification as therapy alpacas. I am a fibre artist (among my other art interests), so much of the herd's clip is processed by hand, where it is shorn, sorted, washed, carded, spun and knit all here on the farm.

I am an active supporter and member of the Canadian alpaca industry, with active memberships with Alpaca Canada, the Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA), and the Alberta Livestock Producers and Cooperators Association (A.L.P.A.C.A.), in addition to international memberships with the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA).

Farm Terms & Financing

Financing available on all individual and package purchases $3000 and above.

EPD Results are In!

I am thrilled to announce that the 2020 EPD results are finally in. It was a lengthy wait, but oh so worth it. Most of the herd is clocking in within the top 10% in their chosen traits, with an emphasis on SDAFD, %F>30, and MSL.

Bocelli's offspring in particular are displaying great uniformity in EPD values, with a very consistent emphasis on MSL, FW, and %F>30. They are ranking in the top 2-10% across numerous traits, but of great note to us, every one of his partaking offspring so far has scored in the top 8-15% for SDAFD. This really continues to affirm the really strong uniformity of micron across the blanket that judges, breeders, and myself have noticed Bocelli putting on his progeny.

All partaking animals have had their pages updated with their relevant EPD data. If you are interested in adding some unique, proven genetics to your herd, I have several lovely females available for purchase, and males who are available for hire this summer.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and to provide any available data and paperwork I have on each animal.