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Kristie Pellman
7715 Navilleton RoadFloyds Knobs, IN 47119

Our farm was originally settled by our family in 1836 and received the Hoosier Homestead Award in 2008.

The farm is located in Southern Indiana where my husband and I started our family almost 30 years ago. We're raising 3 boys, and if that was not enough. Today we have 11 myotonic (fainting) goats and 20 semimental cattle.

We enjoy our country lifestyle and also enjoy sharing it with family, friends, and visitors. If you are interested in stopping by just give us a call you may even decide to buy one of our awesome goats. "Goat Talk" is one of our favorite things and we would love to talk to you about our farm, and especially my goats.

All of our animals are handled on a daily basis. They are extraordinary pets and fun loving companions!!

Farm Terms & Financing

Bucklings $300 & up*
Doelings $325. & up*
* Prices vary upon eye color, coat color and markings


$75. non-refundable deposit required upon request to purchase a goat.
This will be applied to purchase price at time of pick up.
You can contact me by phone at (812)923-5171.
You can also text me at (502)338-2135.

Please email all questions or requests for kids:
to Kristie Pellman at kpellmanrca@aol.com

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New Arrivals / For Sale

2017 kidding has ended and I currently have 1 doeling and 10 bucklings available.