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Imported Cream Retrievers!
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Green Cedar Ranch Biography!

Green Cedar Ranch breeds quality animals to put out in the marketplace. We have several kinds of livestock that we work with. We try to plan out our breeding program so that the next generation would improve on the parents. Trying to stay as small as possible helps us give more time to each of our animals and brings us closer to each one of them.

GCR came into existence thanks to several special people, some of which being My Parents, Marlene and Chuck Presser, Steve and Zinnia Johnson, and Laura Coussens but most importantly our Lord God who has blessed us with this wonderful opportunity! These are some of the people who have taken their time to help with livestock purchase, herd health info, mentoring, purchasing equipment, and many more ways that they found to help with starting our Ranch!

We have finally established our hucaya and Suri herds from some of the best genetic lines out there. Visiting different farms helped us pick and choose our foundation stock. Special thanks to Longneckers Alpaca Ranch, Paca Paradise, Sunny alpacas, Big Timber Alpacas, and Dakini Alpacas for providing us the opportunity to include some of there animals in our foundation herd!

Our Ranch always strives to improve our heard with new and better animals that can bring joy to our Ranch and feature customers! Our goal has been to produce alpacas with fine fleece, extreme uniformity between the secondaries and primaries, density, and overall a healthy body. Confirmation is important for the health of the alpaca and strong genetics are the building blocks to the ideal alpaca.

With the pure breed English Cream Retrievers our goal has been to produce the best healthy, trained, companion dogs and that have great quality for showing them. We are slowly achieving that by bribing imports from Europe to the US for new and better bloodlines!

We are excited to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info about our sale animals and how our livestock can improve yours! We will be glad to help u and mentor u with your new animals!

From GCR!

2021 GCR specials!

We have finally established our foundation Huacaya and Suri alpaca herd! Looking forward for a blessed 2021 cria season!

It’s time to book your yearly alpaca shearing!

We are having English Cream Retriever puppies this spring! Get on the waiting list wile there is still some space left!