— The Openherd Team

Providence Meadow Farm

Alpacas, Bees & Chickens

Rick and Danise Palo
Foggy Meadow LaneSmithfield, PA 15478
Providence Meadow Santana
Providence Meadow Super Girl
La Finca’s Amidala
GOA’s Black Rose
Providence Meadow Carlos

Love this time of year!

We are looking forward to this Summer’s arrivals, three special match ups, awesome bloodlines, we can hardly wait! And equally as exciting, we get to plan our breedings for next year!

We have so many ideas for the Summer. The chickens and bees are doing great. We are moving the gardens. Planting new trees, expanding the bird houses and feeders. In order to add to the pasture, we are installing new fences & gates. What a wonderful way to spend our weekends (many week nights too :).

We are selling our boys born last Summer, Carlos and Santana, what sweet personalities but we just don’t have the room to start a male pasture. We also have 2 older girls we are selling, they’re funny and would make great pets. Please check out the packages.

We continue to be so thankful for this farm and for all that we have learned from the animals and the people.



 Many Images by Woodside Photography,

Smithfield, Pennsylvania

Busy, busy, busy!

So much happening here at the farm! We went to MAPACA and had a good time, more importantly we learned so much more about our animals. The judges and other farms are wonderful sources of knowledge!

In April we were fortunate enough to place the winning bids on two beautiful girls at The Futurity Sale. Both received blue ribbons at MAPACA! As did some of our Providence Meadow alpacas that we took...lots of work but it sure is worth it!

There is a lifetime of things to learn about these alpacas and their needs. We learned so much from the OSU Alpaca Owner and Breeder Conference in March. And I am still determined to try something with our fleece. This little farm is not easy, but it sure is personally rewarding!