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Kissing Cousins Alpaca Farm

Since 1997

Laura Braun (formerly Coussens)
P.O. Box 155Arlington, WA 98223
(360) 652-8742

Majestic P. Champ 17.5 / 3.0 / 17.1

Snowmass RRoyal Fox 17.5m/3.5sd/20.2cv/99.7%CF; gray daughter is a EPD 1%er!
Casimiro 18.0m/3.0sd/16.7cv/0.7>30

KCAF - Soundness, Substance and Softness!

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2019 was our best year ever for alpaca sales. Heart-felt thank you to all who have purchased alpacas from KCAF over the years. We look forward to helping you grow your herds. Here's hoping 2020 is even better...for the alpacas!

SEMI-RETIREMENT PRICING!!! We started with alpacas in 1997 and have had over 230 alpacas come across our fields. We now wish to keep a much smaller herd, but still want to continue breeding and selling as the alpacas we have now are the best we've ever had. So we are offering special pricing in order to keep the herd size small as we slowly wind down. Please contact Laura for price quotes. JOIN OTHER FARMS WHO HAVE HAD NUMEROUS SUCCESSES WITH OUR CAREFULLY BRED TOP QUALITY ALPACAS!

We breed for health, soundness, longevity, efficient reproduction and lactation along with the most amazing alpaca fleece: exceptional handle and drape, uniform fineness with high frequency crimp, high brightness, length, and a high yield of lingering fleece for at least the first five years. Our herd's blue ribbon winning matriarch, Truffina (daugther of P. Andrajo, an Alianza import) produced 13 crias. Many were award winners, including "future of the industry" champion Constantino who at 14 years old sired two blue ribbon winning sons!

EPDs: We are extremely pleased with our herd's EPDs that reflect the staying power of our alpaca's fleeces to five years of age and beyond (See Flint as one example).

We focus on what it takes to perpetuate the species for future successful generations because we believe that the real success of our efforts must last long after we've passed our torch to the next keepers of the herd. Our efforts are succeeding...We have never had to do a C-section, correct a torsion, bottle feed a cria, or do an IgG transfusion.

We research and use choose matings carefully with the goal of producing "prepotent" offspring that are overall superior to both parents and are top producers of fleece and progeny. Professional shearers have told us that our herd is one of the finest and most abundantly fleeced herds they shear. Many of our sold alpacas and their descendants have had great production and show successes including the Futurity and AOA Nationals.

Quote from a mill owner about alpaca fleece: "...amazing quality...(alpaca breeders) should raise wool on the side since you're so good at alpaca." No sheep's wool can ever be as soft as the best alpaca because sheep's wool has scales that flare out and alpaca fleece's scales are flat and smooth. Alpaca...naturally warm, soft, luxurious...wear it and become a believer too!

Farm Terms & Financing

Terms and Financing can be customized to suit your needs. Please call to discuss the possibilities.

Q. Why do we raise alpacas?

A. To perpetuate the species. The world needs more alpacas. There's nothing else like the beautiful, gentle, sweet-natured alpaca. Every product is intrinsically superior...the softest and warmest fleeces in rich natural colors, the leanest protein (if you so choose) and "black gold" manure. They are easy to keep, graze fields without pulling the roots out, typically have mid-day births that usually need no assistance; are easy to train and safe to handle.

They have been domesticated for thousands of years, but due to past restrictions on exporting and historical events, their world population was static to declining and is still small today. So breeding alpacas is an effort in species proliferation as well.

New breeders always are needed for herd growth and to replace retiring breeders. Feel an alpaca cria fleece, wear alpaca socks...and become a believer too!