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Farming with a feminine touch

Sue and Paul Mager
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You too can raise "people friendly" Alpacas

We have been in the alpaca business long enough to see it evolve from a "breeders market" to a "fiber market" where it was always destined to settle. We understand the importance of breeding for the highest quality but realize there is much more to growing a successful business than hyping genetic bloodlines and show records. We find people appreciate straight talk so we chose to share our experience at raising healthy happy alpacas. Invariably every visitor to our farm comment on how "people friendly" and beautiful our alpacas are. We can teach you the best way handle the day to day operations of a farm to ensure good herd health. We will show you the best way to gain the trust of your animals so they can be managed safely and enjoyably.
Our breeding program is now many generations deep picking the best qualities to take forward in our breeding stock. We have chose to specialize in grey and black alpacas so genetically, regardless of their color will produce grey or black. First and foremost however we breed for sound well conformed alpacas with the finest and densest fleece possible. After all, this is a fleece animal!
Why "Farming With A Feminine Touch"? Alpacas relate very well to the nurturing nature of women often expressing a similar passion to raising horses. Women also appreciate the fiber arts aspect of alpacas enjoying spinning, knitting, crocheting and weaving their luxurious fiber! Many women enjoy operating a lucrative farm store where they can market their handy work.
Please browse our herd either online or better yet come visit and see them in person. You are catching us at a good time because it is time for us to reduce the size of our herd which means you can enjoy some great savings on high quality people friendly alpacas. All our alpacas come with full farm guarantees and our pledge to give you all the support you need in a straightforward honest manner.

Farm Terms & Financing

Our goal has always been to present our animals for sale in the most honest, straightforward and fully transparent way. We do not hype our animals or overstate their qualities. After asking what a prospect is looking for we try our best to match the right animals that may best fit their wants, needs and goals.
Unless otherwise stated, all alpacas are sold with a full reproductive guarantee. All pregnant females come with a live birth guarantee. A copy of our sales contrast which fully layout our guarantees and mitigations are available on request.
We are willing to work out financing that best fits your budget. One popular offer is; after a modest down payment the balance will be paid in 2-3 years in a yearly payments due June first which allows a customer to make that payment using their tax return, further taking advantage of the great tax benefits available with an alpaca farm.

Raising People Friendly Alpacas

We strive to raise high quality people friendly alpacas at an affordable price. By sharing our 19 years of experience we have refined our business model to help our clients succeed in whatever aspect of the alpaca business they want to explore.