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Cria straining to poo

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Hi RuthAnne, I have a 3 week old male cria. Because I was not seeing stool in the 1st few days I gave a 60ml soap/warm water enema by gravity on day 3 and 5 with results. For the next few days I saw small poos and thought all was fine. Since day 8 or so,thru today I have seen him bear down without result on the ground but I have seen small amounts of formed poo pellets on the fiber under his tail, I have not seen any in the pile for at least 5-7 days. Today I gave 3rd enema of same by gravity and he gave about 1 tablespoon of formed individual (not in a hard mass) of sage green pellets and there was a tiny amount of mucous. The catheter is a red one at least 10 inches and I was able to easily advance it the entire length. He auscultates positive for bowel sounds. Oh, and he shares the paddock with his mom and one other female. I thought perhaps the older animals might be going on top of his but on many close checks that does not appear to be the case. I am hesitant to continue to cath because I I don't want to mess up the peristalsis. ~~~ Oh yes, and he has good energy is up and curious, nursing well and mom is attentive. Thank you, Lisa
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