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Openherd - Herd Management

Manage Your Herd

Upload and manage all your animal and herd health records using Openherd's easy-to-use tools built specifically for farmers.

Then, when you're ready, upgrade to automatically advertise your animals on the Openherd Marketplace!

Openherd - Livestock and farm animals marketplace

Publish on the Marketplace

Upgrade to Marketplace and automatically list all of your animals on our national livestock marketplace. No fees or commissions, unlimited listings, and stunning animal detail pages to share on social media!

Upgrade to a Website plan and clicks go directly to your website!

Openherd - Farm websites that are easy and affordable

Send to your Website!

Facebook, Openherd, and other community sites are great places to FIND customers. The best place to SEND customers, is your own farm website.

Openherd makes this easy and affordable because everything you've already uploaded to Openherd is also automatically displayed on your Openherd hosted website. One edit updates all 3 places!

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Starting at $17.95/mo

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Want to know more about Openherd?

Is this for real - a site that's livestock-friendly and focused on family farms, homesteaders, and breeders? Yep. Not a big corporation with hard-to-reach support? Nope.

We've actually been around for a while but maybe you've only just found Openherd. If so, click below to learn a bit more about Openherd and how we can help your farm grow.

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