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Resources, Links and Useful Information

The following links are to other sites and resources where you can find information about alpacas or services that will help you with your alpaca business.

 Organizations and Agencies                          Alpaca Supplies and Resources        

Alpaca Owners Association
Formed in 2014 the Alpaca Owners Association
is the result of the merger between the Alpaca
Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) and
The Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI).  AOA's primary
purpose is to promote awareness of alpacas and
alpaca products while maintaining an official DNA
validated genealogical registry, administering an
alpaca show system, providing education to the Association’s members and to the public about the operation of sustainable alpaca businesses, marketing alpacas and the use of alpaca products, and promoting scientific research to the benefit of the alpaca industry. 

     Natur's Way - Manufacturers and distributors
of MSE an excellent probiotic with digestive
enzymes. If you have not ordered from Natur's Way before drop me an email and I have a coupon I can send you for your first purchase.
Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI) - A database
housing the genealogy, blood typing and ownership records of alpacas in North
America and more
  Triple J Farms - Source for alpaca plasma and RID Plates for IgG Testing
New Mexico Alpaca Breeders - A group for
 alpaca breeders in New Mexico formed to
give members assistance with marketing and growing their alpaca business and to provide valuable networking with other alpaca
  Useful Llama Items - a great source for alpaca and llama supplies
TxOLAN - An AOBA Affiliate covering Texas,
Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. Formed to educate the public concerning the long term benefits of owning and promoting alpacas and alpaca products in the South Central United States
  Quality Llama Items - another great source for alpaca, llama and alternative livestock
 Resources For Your Alpaca Fiber   Camelidynamics - a proven and effective method to handle and train alpacas and llamas that saves you time and energy
NFP - North American Alpaca Fiber Producers.
An agricultural cooperative created to establish
the highest level of quality alpaca products,
produced in North America for Alpaca Fiber Producers who have their fiber sorted by a Certified Fiber Sorter
  Mountain Rose Herbs - a great source for the freshest bulk organic herbs and other herbal products. Click on the Mountain Rose Herb banner above to be taken to their website.
AFCNA - Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America
An agricultural cooperative formed and owned
 by alpaca producers in North America for the purpose of collecting and processing alpaca fiber and distributing alpaca fiber and related products and the profit from them to its owners (members).
  Go to My PC - a handy tool to have when you are on the road to alpaca shows (or any other reason). Always have access to your PC. Click on the banner above to try it for free.
Alpaca Blanket Project - a collaboration
between Alpaca Breeders and Pendleton Woolen Mills to provide a North American Resource for the alpaca community to have for the use of their fiber.