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Alta Vida Alpacas

Creating Quality with Purpose

Corley/Noyes Family
9535 E Parker RdParker, CO 80138

SSN Therapy and Co-Op garden

Improved quality of life through alpacas and gardens

Alpacas have an the uncanny ability to encourage calm and peaceful relationship.  How do they do it?  Not really sure...maybe it is the endless pool of serenity they have for eyes, their calm and regal disposition, or the super soft feel of their fiber (fur). They are curious, accepting of those who are not threatening, and love tasty treats. With no upper teeth, hand feeding is a safe and fun experience.  There is a special confidence and sense of safety and accomplishment that grows when you develop a safe and mutually acceptable relationship with your alpaca.  
And when you have spent a growing season carefully tending your vegetables you experience a rewarding satisfaction with that first home grown salad, fresh pickle, spooky Jack-O-Lantern, or cash earned from our local farmer's market.  
Alta Vida Alpacas, LLC is committed to our local Special Needs community.  We aim to creat unique opportunities for job and social skill development utilizing qualified SSN professionals as mentors, alpacas as guides, and the dirt as a playground to grow some tasty goodness.

How would you like to be involved?  Drop us an email to with your questions and to get more details!