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Golden Pine Alpacas

Breeding the Finest

Pat and Barb Patterson
163 Golden PineGoldendale, WA 98620

Alpaca Fencing

Alpaca Fencing – Golden Pine Alpacas

Golden Pine Alpacas has strong perimeter pasture fencing that is important for the alpacas' protection. The fence must be high enough that dogs or deer cannot jump it. Dogs, especially in packs, can be lethal to alpacas. Deer have parasites that can harm them. Pat installed 6-foot no-climb metal fencing on round treated wood posts around the one acre pasture area. Barbed-wire was placed along the fence outside perimeter to discourage digging by dogs or coyotes. Four-foot field fencing separates areas within the pasture. Since alpacas generally do not challenge fences, shorter and lighter-weight materials are suitable for interior fencing. One fenced area is for alpaca moms with newborn crias and later for weaning those crias. Another fence divides the pasture in half and runs to the barn. Boys approaching one year old need to be separated from open (not pregnant) girls. Interior fencing, if well-planned, makes herding and separating the alpacas much easier. Fence expense for the first barn pastures was $2000.