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Prairie Moon Alpacas

It's All About The Fiber

Anne & Richard Phillips
9317 Buckhorn RoadMasonville, CO 80538

Gelded Males for Sale

Pet Quality Alpacas and Hand Spinner Fiber Production Animals for Sale


Sometimes you just have a few guys that do not fit into your breeding program but are great for pets, yard art, 4H performance or fiber production animals. We are selling these males ranging from $200 (pets) to $500 (hand spinner fiber production animals) each and delivery within 50 miles from our farm is part of the deal.


    All of the Alpacas we offer for sale as pet quality animals have gentle personalities and are great fun to watch and interact with as you develop your friendship with them. All are healthy at the time of delivery and have no major conformational defects that could lead to significant health issues in the future.