— The Openherd Team

Amanda Ballway
1077 East Ave.Tallmadge, OH 44278
(330) 814-5605

About The Ark Farm

     The Ark Farm is an education farm currently located in Tallmadge, Ohio. The idea for The Ark Farm came about right before being given my first alpaca back in 2010. After receiving Ewok, The Ark’s Ewok Star, the farm started coming together.


              The day Ewok was born. 8/18/10                           The day Ewok was given to me. 8/19/10                  Ewok in the pasture w/ his mom.



 In 2014, The Ark Farm was officially established and  gained 6 more alpacas and 1 permanent board. We are planning on moving to a temporary location in Tallmadge, Ohio soon. With this move we will be able to focus more on the training and handling of the alpacas as well as develop the education side of the farm. When the time comes to move to a permanent location, we will be planning on gaining other types of farm animals. Alpacas are just the beginning!





The education side of The Ark Farm will allow children of all ages and their families to come learn about these animals and what it’s like to be on a farm. We consider all of our animals at the farm as education ambassadors. This means they help us with educating others about their species and their purpose on the farm.

My interest in teaching others about animals has always been a passion of mine. In high school, I visited local elementary schools with a school club. We would do presentations in the classrooms about the animals and give the students a chance to touch and see the animals up close. When I graduated from high school, I went onto Unity College. At Unity I learned how to identify a variety of animals, techniques for handling and managing wild and captive animals, animal health and care, and developing lessons for teaching. In 2012, I graduated from Unity College with a Bachelor of Science in Captive Wildlife Care and Education. After college, I began to work at the local alpaca farm where I live. On the farm I assist with the feeding, cleaning, and care of the alpacas. I also, help teach school groups and other visitors, who come to the farm, about the alpacas and farm.