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Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

Home of the HAARMONY Herd

Colin & Joy Scott
343 Sand Dam Rd.Thompson, CT 06277

Tours, Training, Picnics by the River and More!

What to do while you're here.

At Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch we offer our

guests a variety of different ways for you

to interact with our alpacas.


Walking the Grounds 

We invite you to walk around the property and

see the alpacas as they go about their everyday 

lives. Visit our store, take a walk down to the 

musconetcong river, and enjoy the peace of the

grounds. (Please note that guests are not allowed

in the barns without a ranch employee.)


We are still working on our woodland walk trails at this moment. We have three of the smaller trails ready for guests to use but the longer trail down to the river is still in construction. Thank you!


$10 for adults 

$5 for kids

During our busy season (Spring-Summer)

tours start at 10:30am, leaving

every 30 minutes after that time with the last

tour leaving at 3pm. Starting outside our store,

the tour takes approximately 30-45 minutes

and includes access into our barns. All our

tours are guided by ranch employees who will 

share with you the history of Highland Airs and

its owners, general knowledge about alpacas,

and will include getting to meet and interact

with some of the alpacas here at the ranch.

During the tour there will be opportunities to

purchase grain ($1 per bag) and to then feed

the alpacas by hand. 

It is important to note that guests are not allowed inside our barns without being accompanied by a ranch employee. The tours are generally the only way for you to do so and will provide you with the opportunity to interact with the alpacas.

*If it is not busy when you visit then we will be happy to give you a tour at any time*


Halter Training (with lots of perks thrown in!) 

$20 - Adults 

$12 - Children (ages 6-10)

(Maximum number of 4 per training session)

At Highland Airs we offer you the unique opportunity to be trained on how to

halter an alpaca and then walk with them around our pastures. It is a wonderful

opportunity to really get to know these beautiful animals up close and

personal. You will be trained on how to handle an alpaca so they are

comfortable while you halter them, how to lead and walk with them through either an

obstacle course or around our forest trails, and also learn all about the general upkeep that is required in

keeping an alpaca. Included in the price is a private tour of our barns so you

can enjoy more one on one time with all of our alpacas, 10% off all purchases in

our store on the day of your training, and a folder full of information on alpacas

(i.e. glossary of terms, history of, alpaca facts). It's a fantastic opportunity for

family and friends to make a best friend here at the ranch.

Halter training must be booked ahead of time by calling us at 707-330-7178. Without booking in advance we cannot guarantee that during your visit with us, we will have the opportunity to fit you in for a training session. Call now to book!


Picnic By The River

We have picnic tables set up by the river bank for guests to use when they

visit with us. You can also bring your own blanket and have a picturesque

moment with your family and friends down on the banks of the

Musconetcong river.