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Wide Sky Ranch: A Santa Fe Alpaca Farm

Big dreams, open minds, warm hearts

Dave and Pam Groff
19 Blue Mesa RdSanta Fe, NM 87508

Farm Tours

Come see why alpacas are becoming so popular !

At least half of the fun of having alpacas is showing them to people who either are unfamiliar with them or only only know just a little bit about them. So very many times I meet people who are have seen llamas, the larger cousin of the alpaca, and assume they are used the same way as llamas, as pack animals, and frequently spit. Neither is true. While both llamas and alpacas belong to the same family of camelids, alpacas are not used to carry heavy loads, but instead are bred in the United States for their extremely fine fiber which is being used more and more for luxury woven items as well as knitted.


We would love to tell you so much more about our alpacas and how we use the fleece we harvest annually in the spring from them. We can show you some of the many steps that take the fleece from the animals to the finished product of yarn. On Tuesdays from 2-5 we are open to give tours of our ranch and are flexible about making arrangements for other days, Monday to Saturday. This time of the year we attend alpaca shows so please contact us to see if we are on the ranch.  Even though this is our cold season, this is a wonderful time to bring you children or grandchildren to learn the real way that clothing and rugs are made available to us. We are flexible with our tour scheduling. Many of our guests visit us before or after skiing.  Feel free to e mail us or call to make arrangements for your tour.....