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Robert and Suzie Radtke
450 N. 200 W.Willard, UT 84340
801-660-0876, 801-475-5199

About us

We live in beautiful Willard, UT at the base of the Wasatch Mountains that are part of the Uinta Mountain range.   

People ask us all the time what does Uinta mean? 

Pronounced    U  IN  TA

 According to Karren Burton, the author of "A History of Uinta County",  It refers to land at the edge of pines, streams and water and also living high up where the timber grows.  Well that describes us perfectly.  1/2 mile to the east rise amazing mountains and 1/2 mile to the west is Willard Bay a fresh water lake at the edge of the Great Salt Lake.  We are literally surrounded by mountains, trees and water. 

We have been living and loving the alpaca life style since 2005.  We truly love these curious and wonderful animals.  

Suzie, is the full time ranch manager of Uinta Alpacas.  Her background has revolved around animal husbandry and veterinary medicine most of her adult life.   She has a background in teaching and this combination works well on our farm.  She loves educating people about alpacas and sharing these amazing creatures with visitors that come to the farm. 

Robert is an Environmental Scientist that currently works for the Bureau of Reclamation as a Hydrologist.  He loves the alpacas and is involved in everything that goes on here at the ranch.  His background has proven invaluable in our effort to have a, natural fiber farm, that uses sustainable agricultural practices.   

Our farm started very very small and on a shoestring budget.  Our friends will tell you that we do not do anything fast, in fact some say we move at a glaciers pace.  This farm has grown slowly, and steadily, and is a living testament to the fact that you can start an alpaca ranch modestly and small and let your business grow slowly along with your knowledge and involvement in the industry.  You don't have to be rich.  But you have to be focused and work smart.  We have remained steady and strong in our business plan.  We feel there are many avenues to 'getting into' the alpaca industry and doing well, not just one model.

At Uinta Alpaca Ranch,  you will enjoy an honest and down-to-earth approach at the raising alpacas for business or pleasure.  You can adopt pets, purchase inexpensive, and exquisite fiber animals to raise for your own fiber arts, or even purchase champion bloodlines to start a breeding program and farm of your own.  You will also receive support from us before, during and after all sales.  We want you to be successful and really put a lot of effort into mentoring people that purchase alpacas from us.