— The Openherd Team

Double D Alpaca

Specifically Suri

Donna Anderson and David Carney
2771 Byrnes RoadTouchet, WA 99360

About Us

Double D Alpaca Ranch is located, near Walla Walla, WA just off of Hwy. 12, on Byrnes Rd., in Touchet, WA (pronounced (Tooshee) Our ranch is the fulfillment of a dream that started when we attended the 2002 Alaska State Fair. There were two beautiful colored suri alpacas in a small pen beside a booth. Donna froze in her tracks and fell in love immediately with these gentle beauties. Three years later, we got engaged, Donna sold her 3,800 square foot suburban home on it's tiny lot and we bought 4 acres together with a 900 square foot home on it in Tigard, OR. We have never regretted this move and love the alpaca lifestyle. Now we have expanded to 15 acres in sunny, South Eastern Washington.

Because our first encounter was with the Suri alpaca, we thought that was the way all 'normal' alpacas should look so we chose to breed "specifically suri". Our focus has been purchasing a foundation herd from solid breeding programs with excellent pedigrees. We have chosen females that came from farms with many years of experience breeding the Suri alpaca. Double D has continued to breed to herdsires from those breeding programs that have produced champion offspring.

We bought our first alpaca in July 2005 and moved her home in September. We had a companion Llama for a short time and then brought a second female home for company the first of October 2005. Since that time we have invested in programs such as the Alpaca Registry Inc, EPD (Expected Progeny Difference) program and S.H.I P. (Suri Herd Improvement Program). This scientific approach to breeding has yielded "seed stock" quality for the future of the N. American suri producers.

Our focus is on helping new breeders purchase foundation suri alpacas to start their own alpaca farm. We also help existing suri owners improve their herd by offering for sale top quality breeding females and stud services to our great Herdsire lineup.

We had a practical approach to starting in the business and can help others learn from our experience. Our alpacas have been chosen for their health and vigor while selecting from excellent pedigrees. Our initial investment focused on the quality of our alpacas. The results are clear!