— The Openherd Team

Photo Shoot Location

Create special memories

Looking for that special location for your family photos?  We have areas of native grass, stunning sunrises and sunsets - and of course alpacas!  Alpacas can add a charm and whimsy to your photographs.  Our farm can provide a rural, high desert backdrop.  


We cater to:


Photographers looking for a unique place to shoot photographs.

Individuals, families and groups looking for a unique place for their special photographs.


  • We do charge a location fee, but we strive to make it reasonable


  • If you do not have a photographer lined up we have some who we have worked with before and can recommend.


  • We have access to a wonderful, unique florist if you should want stunning floral accents for your photoshoot


  • Remember alpacas are free spirits!  While we can encourage them into the area of your photo shoot, or have you lead some alpacas with halters and lead ropes on, there are definite limits to what we can make them do!  Alpacas are curious creatures though and will usually interact with you during the photo shoot.


  • We do not rent alpacas out to go to other locations.  Many of our alpacas are older and have not been off the farm in many years.   The welfare of our alpacas is very important to us and we are acting in their best interest.