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Jane Fauskee
30577 N Scandi DRGlenwood, MN 56334

soft and warm

knitted alpaca hat



Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 320-278-3748

Shipping & Handling

shipping and Handling -$5.00

Product Specs

  • Hats are made with 100% alpaca yarn from my animals unless you have ordered a hat with acrylic blend. I can make special order hats to match almost any jacket. I can make them either with or without a tassel on top.The hats without a tassel can be made with a different colored reversible lining. They can also be made to have a fold up brim or not.

Product Description

Alpaca is very warm and insulates well. It also is naturally water resistant and so soft. These hats will keep your head and ears warm through the coldest winter.

Product Options

Size: will fit most junior to adult sizes
Color: all 22 natural alpaca colors