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Summer Hill Farm

Doug, Brooke, and Lindsay Betz
P.O. Box 696Penn Valley, CA 95946

Can't Own Livestock? Sponsor An Animal!

Animal Sponsorship!



$10 per month

Order & Payment

Service Description

Digital scrapbook of chosen animal!
- Scrapbooks include photos and notable moments throughout your chosen animal’s life, including any babies they’ve had!

Regular texts from your chosen animal with photos!
- Find out what your chosen animal has been up to – from his or her perspective! This will be especially fun as some of the ladies give birth and raise babies.

Info on the animal’s species and breed!
- Learn about the history and traits behind your chosen animal!

Exclusive access to our Summer Hill Farm sponsor group on Facebook!
- This includes extra posts and trivia and fun

A surprise (or chosen) Christmas gift!
-You can pick an item, or we’ll make something to send you!

10% off all items in our shop!
- Yarn, soap, everything!

Terms of Service

Sponsorship does not indicate ownership of or claim to animal. We retain 100% of ownership and claim and responsibility for our animals.

Sponsorship and gifts involving the particular animal (yarn, etc) may be affected due to unexpected loss of the animal, in which case sponsorship may be shifted to another animal. Elderly animals are discounted due to increased risk, but there is some risk with any animal.

Some animals do not have fiber, or do not have fiber worthy of making yarn. These animals include the pygmy goat and the llamas, and these are also discounted.

Visits at this point are not possible. We apologize for this, but the risks associated with living on a farm on several steep hills and slippery mud in the winter is too much of a liability as it stands. Still, we will try and help you connect with the sponsored animal as much as possible via other means.

Email me at SummerHillFarmCA@aol.com if interested.



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