— The Openherd Team

Berlanta Alpacas

Alpaca products grown and processed in the USA!

Rose and Larry Wininger
40 NW Bookout RdTularosa, NM 88352

We'd Love to Board Your Alpacas for You!


- $3.50 per animal per day
- Vet care, meds, vaccines, etc. billed separately

Order & Payment

Service Description

After a short quarantine period, your animal(s) will be fully integrated into our herd. We will treat them like we do our own alpacas, with respect and lots of TLC.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will give them vaccinations, have periodic herd health days when we inspect teeth and toenails and will trim them as needed.

We have three-sided shelters for the animals that they use to get out of the sun during the summer, to stay dry when it rains, toasty during the winter, and out of the wind in spring.

Terms of Service

Owners are always welcome at the farm to visit their animal(s) and check on them. We will include them in our shearing (at present, $25 per animal) and the owners a recertainly most welcome to take part in this event.

The girls' shelters. Boys' shelter.