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Quality garments made from the world's finest fiber!

Mitchell, Linda & Christopher Dickinson
95 Knight House Ln.Earleville, MD 21919

Fiber Mill

Painted Sky Fiber Mill

Pricing: Please visit our website at www.paintedskyfibermill.com for our current price list.
Questions: 410-275-9423

Service Description

Painted Sky Fiber Mill is a family owned and operated fiber mill located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are the only fiber mill in Maryland dedicated to processing Alpaca and Alpaca Blends.

We offer total fiber processing services including tumbling, washing, dyeing, blending, picking, separating/dehairing, carding, draw frame, spinning, plying, coning and skeining. We process individual fleeces in their natural colors or offer ideas on creating some unique color blends by combining multiple fleeces through ribbon, heather or barber pole blending. The finished yarns are absolutely beautiful and with all the natural colors of Alpaca fiber, the color combinations are endless.

Not sure what yarn you want to make? No problem. Each fleece has it's own story to tell and we are happy to evaluate your fleece and make recommendations for you.