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Gold Medallion Ranch Suri Alpacas

Renee' & Steve Tripp
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About Our Store

Established in 2003, Gold Medallion Ranch provides quality Yarns, Roving and Raw Fleece.

Suri Alpacas are the rarer of the two fleece types of alpaca, the other being the Huacaya Alpaca. Alpacas are native to South America and members of the Camelid family which includes camels and llamas. Suri Alpacas produce a luxurious fleece that is soft and fine with a characteristic luster, or shine. It is hypoallergenic and does not itch.

Our alpacas are very healthy and happy. We know balanced nutrition and vitamins are necessary for good alpaca health and fleece production.We care for our alpacas daily, and know them all by name. Each alpaca has its own unique personality.

Once harvested, the fleece is cleaned and prepared for carding and spinning into yarn. I specialize in hand-dyeing to create pleasing color combinations for raw fleece, roving, batts and yarn that will make your artistic projects unique and one of a kind.

All products in our Shop are “home grown” from our alpacas. Our commitment is to provide you quality, all natural products.

***Please check our Etsy site for all fleece items for sale. It is updated frequently. Go to Etsy.com Search: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RTRusticTraditions

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