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Wendi Eccles
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Wearable & Usable Art

Welcome to Structured Chaos.
Alpaca fiber is amazing to work with and luxurious to wear.
There are 16 recognized colors ranging from white to grey.

About Our Store

Our products are made in the USA utilizing fleece from our herd of Alpacas. We have both suri and huacaya.

Alpaca is a luxurious fiber that is soft, bright, and extremely warm. Due to the fiber structure and lack of lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and soft enough to be worn against the skin.

We offer yarns that are both hand spun and mill spun. We also have raw and processed fleece as well as wearable and home products. New items will be added as they become available so check back often to see what is new.

Take a look at our site to see our beautiful alpacas that provide you with these great products.

Alpaca is divided into 6 different categories with descriptions of their uses.

• Grade 1 - Ultrafine <20 microns (this is what you want to wear next to your skin)
• Grade 2 - Superfine 20 - 22.9 microns (yarn, wear next to your skin)
• Grade 3 - Fine 23 - 25.9 microns (most versatile grade, yarn, textiles)
• Grade 4 - Medium 26 - 28.9 microns (socks, throws)
• Grade 5 - Intermediate 29 - 32.0 microns (mattress pads, comforters. quilt batting)
• Grade 6 - Robust 32.1 - 35 microns rugs, stadium seat mats, car seats, stuffing for pet bed

We offer Paypal with shipping added. Products are shipped via USPS priority and are shipped next business day.

Gift wrapping available.

Purchase and Payment – Purchases online are paid through Paypal. Purchases over the phone can be paid via cash, check, or credit card. Items will be shipped when payment is received. Refund and Return Policy – Customer satisfaction guaranteed. If not satisfied with purchase, please return product for full refund less shipping.