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Just Right Alpacas

Fiber with a Face

Janice and John Robinson
13301 N. DouglasJones, OK 73049

About Our Store

Our alpacas graze on natural Bermuda pastures.
We do not use pesticides--just fertilize and mow.

The alpacas are shorn in April. Those fleeces are carefully skirted and graded.
Very fine fleeces are used in our yarn and roving, stronger fleeces are used for felting
and heirloom woven rugs.

Artisan Created accessories:
I knit loom accessories from our yarn. These are individually designed and one of a kind.
Short Ponchos, wristlets, hats and scarves. Call me for current items available.
I also custom knit: you pick the yarn and the item!

Hudson Alpaca Products
Hudson Alpaca is an American brand focusing on high quality Royal or Baby Alpaca designed in the United States. Manufactured in Peru using a balanced, production process with eco-friendly fair labor practices.
Mission: to create the highest quality Alpaca garments in the most sustainable fashion.

NEFP Products
We are members of the US Natural Fiber Producers, an agricultural cooperative with a mission for helping small farms gain access to commercial processing in the United States.
We carry "State Flowers" Summer and Southern weight yarns.
Lightweight Watch Cap and Diagnoal Scarf (8 x 80) knit from the State Flowers yarn.

We also carry a variety of South American Alpaca animals-teddy bears and small alpaca/llama.