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Chris & Jennifer Collins
Located in Concrete, WA 98237

About Our Store

We always have eggs available to purchase at the farm! Our hens are true free rangers, being allowed to freely roam on organic pastures during all daylight hours and feast on as many bugs as their little hearts desire. They are fed an organic and fermented whole grain feed daily, in addition to organic grit, oyster shells, and treats. You can definitely see and taste the difference in quality and nutrition from the eggs our hens produce compared to your typical store-bought eggs. Contact us to schedule an egg pick-up directly from our farm!

We also offer American Guinea Hogs for sale. Depending on the time of year, we will have guinea hogs of varying ages available for purchase. Our pigs are raised on organic pastures, being rotated to fresh ground continuously. They are also fed an organic and fermented whole grain feed daily, and offered organic scraps from our kitchen. You can think about purchasing a young piglet to raise yourself and harvest it's meat at your desired time....or you can think about purchasing an older pig that is already ready for harvest and enjoy the meat right away....or you can think about purchasing a pig of any age to keep as a pet and/or breed yourself! Check out our animals listed for sale on our Farm Page, or Contact us directly to let us know what you are looking for!

We also raise cornish cross chickens for meat seasonally. We can raise the meat for you, and then sell you the whole bird when it is ready for butchering. Our birds are raised directly on organic pastures, being moved to new, fresh ground once or twice a day. They are also fed an organic whole grain feed daily. Contact us directly to schedule an order of meat birds, as they do take 6-8 weeks to raise!