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Never has luxury felt so good or cost so little!

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About Our Store

Alpaca – once known as the Fiber of the Gods and reserved for Incan Royalty. Now you have the opportunity to experience the luxury of alpaca products in Clovis, NM by paying a visit to our farm store. For those who cannot make it out to our store our online Farm Store provides you with the ability to shop our products from the comfort of your own home

Warmer than wool, yet lighter in weight, alpaca has a softness similar to cashmere. Alpaca is naturally lanolin free and does not have the prickle factor of wool meaning that most people can wear it next to their skin without irritation.

Alpaca is naturally stain and odor resistant making it a fiber that needs little or no cleaning. A simple airing out is all most alpaca products need.

Alpaca fiber can be used for many products – super soft scarves, gloves, hats, rugs and more and the warmest most comfortable socks you will ever put on your feet. We aim to stock and array of items to suit all pocketbooks. We believe everyone should be able to have a little alpaca in their life

Alpaca products - Never has luxury felt so good or cost so little ™

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