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Dr. Toni Cotton
3200 County Road 24Ridgway, CO 81432
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Camelid Educational Classes

Dr. Cotton is scheduling seminars for fall 2013 and 2014!

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Dr. Toni Cotton attended the University of Findlay for her undergraduate work, then graduate studies in veterinary medicine at The Ohio State University from 1986-1990. She spent one-year abroad in Morocco as a veterinarian for the Peace Corps. She returned to private practice in 1991 with Dr. Gary Cotton (now her husband) at the Animal Medical Center of Findlay. Dr. Toni Cotton took over the few camelid clients at the time and became so busy that she started her own specialty practice, Camelid Veterinary Services, in 1994. During her years of Camelid practice in Ohio, she focused on reproduction and neonatal care. She was an instructor at the continuing education courses taught at The Ohio State University while she practiced in Ohio. In June, 2006 Dr. Cotton and her family relocated to Ridgway, Colorado. Dr. Cotton has started a new referral practice in Ridgway called the Camelid Reproduction Center of the Western Slope. She manages Suris of the Western Slope and the Camelid Reproduction Center in Ridgway, home to 55 camelids (suri alpacas, suri llamas and Bactrian camels)! She has spoken both regionally and internationally on Camelid Reproduction and health issues. She recently co-authored a book, Neonatal Care for Camelids, with Drs. Anderson and Whitehead. She continues to offer neonatal classes and reproductive training classes for veterinarians from her Ridgway location and at select courses throughout the US.

After taking a two year sabbatical to spend more time with her family, Dr. Cotton is starting to schedule speaking engagements and seminars. She attended the International Camelid Conference in Corvallis, Oregaon this past July and is looking forward to returning to the industry as a veterinarian and educator. She has retired as an alpaca breeder but still has a small herd of llamas, suri alpacas and bactrian camels on her ranch in Ridgway.