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Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch

Suri Alpaca

Britt and Patty Hasselbring
29049 Davis RoadConcordia, MO 64020

Professional services. Exquisite Suri!

We offer fiber - raw and finished - and professional services.

About Our Store

Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch is owned by Britt and Patty Hasselbring, and located in Concordia, Missouri. Home to 180 Suri alpacas, the farm produces exquisite fiber in all of the 20+ natural colors of alpaca.

Our services:
We offer educational services and mentoring for our clients at no charge. We want our clients to be successful and confident in their role as alpaca caretakers.

We offer classes for people who are exploring alpaca ownership.... learn about about the animals, what to expect from alpaca ownership, how to set up your farm, and basic information about alpacas....in our Alpacas 101 classes.

We will provide one-on-one consultation for people who have already purchased alpacas and find themselves in need of teachers or mentors. This service is available on a one time basis or ongoing, either on site or at our farm. Fees will be negotiated based on needs and availability.

Our fiber:
Alpaca fiber was considered the “fiber of the gods” by Incan Royalty, due to its luxurious feel. Alpaca fiber is strong, soft, and warm. Alpaca can be knitted, woven, crocheted, or felted. Some fabric experts say it is more resilient and wrinkle resistant than cashmere, with a lower tendency to shrink than either wool or cashmere.

Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic. It has no lanolin or other oils, so many people who are allergic to wool can wear alpaca next to their skin with no problem. There is no scratchy, prickly feel like wool – just soft and smooth. If you have reactions to wool, you should be able to wear these products without problems.

Some say alpaca is warmer than goose down, and breathes better than thermal knit. Scientific testing found that alpaca is three times warmer than sheep’s wool. It also wicks away water! What better material for coats, gloves, scarves, socks, and sweaters?

Alpacas produce fleece in 22 natural colors, ranging from white to black. This extensive range reduces the need for artificial dyes and protects the softness and integrity of the fiber.

We sell most of our fiber each year to the North American Suri Company, but we do hold back some spectacular fleeces that are available for sale. We have a small amount made into yarn, which is also for sale, and also a few select pieces of Suri garments.

Our yarn is 100% Suri alpaca, has not been treated with chemicals, and is all natural in color. If you are interested in dying yarn and like to play with color, try the light colors - or even the dark colors - and have fun while creating vivid beauty.

If you are a fiber artist and prefer to work with raw locks, we keep a small supply of beautiful fleeces from animals who were shown in full fleece. The locks are usually around 12 inches in length. Let us know if you are looking for something special... with 180 animals, we probably can rustle it up for you!