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BerryPatch Farm I Dream of Genie

Goat, Nubian - Mini, Sr. Doe (female) | Chamoisee, Frosted ears and Muzzle

MDGA# AMN05212 | DOB: 4/22/2014 (5 yrs)

Soaring Heart's Chance *B (F6)
Berrypatch Farm Ruthie (F2)
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Chamoisee With Forosted ears and Muzzle, White on side, Taile tip and Front Legs

59.45% Nubian / 40.55% Nigerian

Was a Quad, was bottle raise since 2 weeks

4th freshing - 2019 Shooter kids
3rd freshing - 3/6/2018 twins Doe and Buck - Shooter kids
2nd Freshing - 2017 triplets 2 bucks and doe Jasmine
1st Freshing - 2016 twins 2 does Gueinve and Orion

Sire: Soaring Heart's Chance *B

Dam: Berry Patch Farm Ruthie

D Sire:
D Dam: Daystar's Valentine
1st gen (75/25%)
from Frosty Marvin lines.
She was a very strong milker, going over two years between freshening and giving a
good amount of milk through it. And it was only her first freshening.
She had 5 living kids in 2011, 4 of which were doelings and very nice!!!


DD Sire: Echo Hill's King Othello
DDD Sire: FCH Rainbow Meadows Charlie Brown
DDD Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie *P

DD Dam: Daystar's Clover
Registered Nubian

Updated 2/7/2019