Your Virtual Farm

Manage and market your farm online. Easily, effectively.

What is a Virtual Farm?

Photo Albums
  • - Upload an entire folder of photos
  • - Watch your story come to life!
  • - Play stunning, event-ready slideshows
  • - Swipe between photos on mobiles and tablets
  • - Syncs to your Openherd-hosted website!

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Print Center
  • - Customize & print beautiful sales sheets
  • - Create, reorder, customize & print sales lists
  • - QR barcodes for accessing animal's web page
  • - Info comes right from My Herd!
  • - Save time & money, print from anywhere!

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Mobile Website 'App'
  • - Farm website optimized for mobile devices
  • - Syncs with your Openherd account!
  • - Works seamlessly with Complete Farm Website
  • - Appealing app design
  • - Great personal sales tool!

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Complete Farm Website
  • - Syncs with your Openherd account!
  • - Online store w/cart & PayPal checkout
  • - Easily add web pages & edit menus
  • - Use your own address (i.e.
  • - Includes hosting, email, & support

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Facebook App
  • - Puts your OH sales lists on your FB page!
  • - Syncs with your Openherd account!
  • - Alpaca detail & "About Us" pages
  • - Clean, professional integration with FB
  • - Super easy to install!

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Herd Health
  • - Alpaca medical record-keeping software
  • - Uses your alpaca info entered in My Herd
  • - Online and mobile - wherever you go!
  • - Customize Groups, Procedures, Drugs
  • - Reporting & Excel export

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Featured Auctions Weekly E-Blast
  • - Secret sales tool of the Pros!
  • - Sent to 7000+ recipients!
  • - Consistently high open/click rates
  • - Proven to boost clicks & sales
  • - Select your alpaca & we do the rest!

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Online Auctions
  • - Premium Openherd exposure!
  • - Incredibly easy & effective
  • - Run any time you like
  • - No fees or commissions
  • - Email bidders after auction ends!

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5 at a time 10 at a time 20 at a time
Featured Listing advertised
List Package Deals & Breedings
Search Page Classified AutoAdsTM
Online Store w/Paypal Checkout3
Featured Items on all your pages
Inclusion in Home Page Featured Farms
ListMirror sales list sync
Free one-time sales list upload4
(up to 50 alpacas/products)
With yearly plan With yearly plan With yearly plan
Openherd Affiliate Network Openherd Profile Unlimited Sales Lists Inclusion in Searches ListMirrorTM Sync My Pages - Unlimited Blogs, Web Pages, Articles

1 Automatically billed to your credit card each month. To cancel subscription, contact Openherd Support before your next monthly billing date (same as original purchase date).
1, 2 Monthly/Annual membership purchases are non-refundable.
3 Storefront free on association websites participating in Openherd Affiliate Program. Paid membership required for storefronts to show up on
4 From available sales information listed on another website. One-time upload (does not include ongoing updates).

Give it a try for free!

If you're not quite ready to start selling or need to get your farm listed on an association website that participates in Openherd's Affiliate Program, then you can select our free option.

This will allow you to create a farm profile, sales lists, and add other informational pages about your farm. For members of an association participating in Openherd's Affiliate Program, this will allow your farm profile, additional pages, sales lists, and store to be displayed on your association website.

What is a Virtual Farm?

Your virtual farm (vFarm) is simply the online version of your farm. It's how people "visit" your farm via your website, and other websites you're on.

These days, most initial research is done online and is where potential customers will most likely get their first impression of you. So your virtual farm should be as polished and presentable as your physical farm.

If you don't have a website or it's outdated, that will be a big turnoff to visitors. And with many other farms just a click away, it's very easy to lose customers to someone else who looks better and has more to offer.

How does Openherd help?

With one of Openherd's vFarm plans, you will be able to easily establish a professional, appealing web presence for your farm and maximize your online exposure.

Openherd vFarm plans offer a complete farm website (i.e., which includes hosting, email, and support, an upgraded profile and premium exposure on, and a full presence on any alpaca association websites you're a member of that participate in Openherd's Affiliate Program.

The best part is that all of these online presences are managed with one set of updates using Openherd's easy editing system, allowing you to market your farm on multiple websites without big time and cost overheads.

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