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Bob & Debbie South
8150 Ravenna Rd.Concord, OH 44077

We often have been struck by the paths life leads us down. Back in 1995 we were pretty much 2 city slickers when we started our small farm. But, we dove in, determined to learn as much as possible in the care of our herd, as well as all the other aspects of this ever-changing industry. Today, over 100 cria births, and too many to count friendships, later, we know our lives have been enriched more by this experience than we ever could have imagined.

The decision to retire from the alpaca world has been bittersweet for us, but we know the relationships we have developed will remain with us the rest our lives.

We have for sale: (Contact us at: rosehill2@msn.com or 440-354-0918 for more info, pricing)

5 Alpaca Reference Manuals: $75.00 for all

"The Alpaca Book" by Eric Hoffman and Murray Fowler DVM - Hard Backed, 255 pages
"Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids" by Murray Fowler DVM - HB 391 pages
"Current Veterinary Care & Management of Llamas & Alpacas" - a course in camelid health
from The Ohio State University- 345 pages
"Llama & Alpaca Neonatal Care Clinic" by Brad Smith DVM, Pat Long DVM, & Karen Timm DVM
80 pages
"Field Guide Assessing Fiber Characteristics & Conformation, by Dr. Walter Bravo & Maggie
& Richard Krieger - 116 pages

1 Portable Skirting Table - Legs detach for storing and transport. Also have a large number of vinyl table cloths for fiber. $70.00

Thanks for the Memories!!!

Thank you to everyone who has ever helped us along our alpaca journey of 20+ years. You were there to share in our excitement of the good times, and you were also there to support us and hold us up during the hard ones. We want to say an especially heartfelt thank you to Majestic Meadows - we would not have accomplished what we did without their friendship and support!

Best wishes to everyone, and continued success!