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What is a Paco-Vicuña?
A paco-vicuña is a special alpaca that exhibits the phenotypical traits of the vicuña, its Andean ancestor. Paco-vicuñas are a cross between alpacas and vicuñas and have existed for some time in small quantities in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. About 550 Paco-vicuñas are now in the United States. These animals have the super-fine fiber like the wild vicuña but with somewhat longer and denser fleece like the alpaca. Alpacas were originally domesticated from vicuñas over the past 6000 years. Vicuña traits can be observed in the alpaca herds that exist today on the altiplano, the high plateaus of South America.

Why breed for paco-vicuña?
Vicuña fiber is renowned for its softness, fineness, density, rarity, and color. The vicuña is a wild animal and is difficult to maintain in captivity. Breeding, birthing, shearing, and medical care would be quite a challenge. The vicuña is also a threatened species which makes the animal and its fiber difficult to obtain as the animal is protected by international laws. The solution is the paco-vicuña breeding for the same fiber attributes of the vicuña and the gentle attitude of an alpaca.

How to breed for a superior paco-vicuña?
By identifying the various traits of vicuña in alpaca and selecting the alpacas with the traits, these alpaca (paco-vicuña) can be bred together to amplify the vicuña traits (such as low micron count, bib, and color) and produce a superior paco-vicuña. The same can be done for the desired traits we want for the paco-vicuña from the alpaca (such as fast growing fiber and calm demeanor). The key is to recognize the alpacas that have these special traits and breed them together to magnify the qualities we are looking for in a paco-vicuña.
...more at www.paco-vicuna.com

More about the Paco-Vicuña
The advantage of identifying the phenotypic traits of the vicuña is that the animal produces super high quality fiber. The Paco-vicuña produces some of the world’s finest fleece. The fiber is strong, incredibly soft, and warm - making it ideal for a variety of clothing and artistic needs. Paco-vicuña in North America are registered through the The Paco-Vicuña Registry® that insures the integrity of the breed. The registry insures the animal passes requirements of phenotype, fiber quality, soundness, and blood testing to insure the excellence of the breed. The registry also promotes the improvement of the breed. ...more at www.paco-vicunaregistry.com


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